Boon Luang and Phi Ta Khon Game of Dan Sai


Date 16 Jun 2018 - 18 Jun 2018


Boon Luang Merit Event and The Phi Ta Khon (Ghost Festival) are parts of Boon Luang Merit Even, which is considered a great annual merit in the local area, and it includes Boon Phra Wes (the Fourth month traditional event) and Sky rocket Festival (Sixth month  traditional event) as the same event. It is a merit that is held to listen to the sermon of the 13 chapters, which is considered to be a powerful force to meet Metteyya in the next life.The interesting activities include the Phra Upakut Ceremony, wrist-binding ceremony for Kuan -Nang Tiem guardian spirits, The Phi Ta Khon (Ghost Festival), Kuan-Nang Tiem guardian Parade and Saen Guardin Group,  Phra Wes wrist-binding ceremony, The parade of invite the Vessantara Jataka into the city, Phraya Than Sky Rocket Festival, Phi Ta Khon Masks, the 13th sermon, and the great stage performances. The distribution of local products, handmade, artwork and creative ideas from the Dan Sai people and the people of Loei. See music performances and shows from the youth, Phi Ta Khon Masks - Phi Ta Khon Noi (small ghost) Contest, performances of various local communities, listen to 13th sermons, fairs of government and private sectors, local trade shows, OTOP products, and sky rockets competition.


Wat Phonchai and in front of the Dan Sai District Office, Loei Province.

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Dan Sai District Office,
Tel. 0 4289 1266
Dan Sai Municipality Office,
Tel.  0 4289 1231 

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